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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan 13 Oct Today New Show

And friends, apart from that, you people are also going to see that now the entire star has become a fan of Damini, because this time the police have investigated and that is will take Radha to arrest and this time it is Damini. They will join hands with Sabi and say that you will leave me, why is it now that Dhamni Puri is going to be seen going to jail with Tara, and if Mohan comes to know about this now, then she will not support him at all. Mohan will be disturbed

And friends, apart from this, you will also get to see whether Puri Tara and Radha Mohan are in love with each other, but now no one wants to support them and they will be separated from each other. Bar Mohan has clearly said that he will not love Bar Dhan at all, which is due to him. Bar now Radha is in a lot of trouble and he is also a table. Bar Damini is also going to jail. No one will accept it.

Hello Friend Rama serial Radha Mohan, you are going to see the logon ki bar kis tara now Radha is going to be seen getting a lot of trouble because now no one is supporting Radha with whom she is bar. She is angry with you all and she wants all the family to accept and be happy with her, but nothing will happen and Ada will be devastated.

And friends, you guys are also going to get to see whether the entire star has slipped away from Radha. Kafi Jayada is going to be seen getting worried and all the family members also see Kafi Jaida getting angry with her and Mohan is also Bar Kafi Jaida Khushiyan Keonki Hai Baar Wah Pi Ga Radha se.



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