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Most Famous Gardens And Parks In Kolkata

Most Famous Gardens And Parks In Kolkata

Botanical Garden 

Renowned as The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden stretched out around a total region of 273 acres located in Shibpur (an sprawling suburban area), Howrah, near Kolkata. Under the surveillance of Botanical Survey of India (BSI) it was established in 1787 by Colonel Robert Kyd.

It is the most peacefully and remarkable place where nature showers it’s beauty. The place accommodates our mind with diversities of land topography with amazing and mesmerizing artificial lakes and puddles. Perfect place for photography and even for the nature lovers wrapped in nature.


This garden possess of being home to more than 12,000 living perennial plants and thousands of astounding orchids with prismatic colors. The most attractive part of this garden is The Great Banyan Tree. This titanic tree is reputed to be the Second most extensive canopy in the entire world. The idea time for visiting the garden is in the month of October to February during the winter.

Botanical Garden Timings

Opening Time- 8:00 am
Closing Time- 5:00 pm
Tuesday to Sunday opened (Monday closed)
Entry Fees – Rs.10 and Rs.20 (with camera)

Eco Park

The idea of this ecological park was conveyed by our honorable chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee. It is monitored under the HIDCO (Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation).

It is recognized as the biggest urban park as it engross over 475 acre of land. It’s the best place for roaming with your family and friends. Situated beside the water body makes the park more attractive and fills the surround with a perfect place to relax and enjoy out.

There is lots of excitement things found here. From water shows, artificial sites of rural areas to the 7 wonders everything can be found out here. In the water bodies there are small artificial islands are made out to make the park gorgeous. Without roaming around the whole world you just need to roam around this park.

The park has all types of versatile things located in. There are cottages and conference halls that can be rented for personal or business schedules. The park still being for bring up more exciting and amazing things for the people.

Eco Park Kolkata Timings

(1st March to 31st October) Summer Timing
•Opening Time- 2:30 pm
•Closing Time- 8:30 pm
•Tuesday to Saturday opened (Monday closed)
•Sunday and other public holidays (12:00 pm to 8:30 pm)
•(Entry Fees – Rs.30/person (3 years and above)

(1st November to 28th February) Winter Timing
•Opening Time- 12:00 pm
•Closing Time- 7:30 pm
•Tuesday to Saturday opened (Monday closed)
•Sunday and other public holidays (11:00 am to 7:30 pm)


Called as The Brigade Parade Ground, Maidan. It is also the largest urban park in Kolkata. The park stretches itself to the Eden Gardens, many football grounds and also the legendary Race Course. You can have a relaxed time under the lap of nature. Evening time will be the best sit on the greenery field. There is no entry fees and open for 24 hours.


Maidan Timings

Address : Kolkata West Bengal

Hours : Always Open

Ticket Price : Free

Nicco Park 

The most amazing amusement park full of entertainment and excitement. It has all types of riders starting from water rides to land rides.

This attracts visitors in large number throughout winter and summer vacations.

There are mind blowing rides that let’s you enjoy the whole day like a curious kid.

There are different rides for different aged people in the land rides. Starting from Merry-Go-Round to adventurous and creepy River Caves and exciting roller coaster and super cool Sky Diver.


In water rides also goes the same the haunted pirate and creepy smile also some crazy tunnels. Water rides are as fascinating as fiction movies.

Nicco Park is an amusement park for the last 20 years. It is the first amusement park in the world to has obtained recognition from Quality Management System, Safety Management System and Environment Management System. It is the first amusement park in the world to have obtained a ‘Social Accountability’ certificate.

Nicco Park Timings

Opening Time- 8:00 am; Closing Time- 7:00 pm
Monday to Sunday opened
Entry Fees – Rs. 185 (Limited rides and attractions)


It is the water theme park and resort with all types of water theme rides and slides. Full of excitement and recreational activities for the visitors.

The water park occupies over 75,000 sq. ft. area. In the summer time it gives the energetic refreshment.

They provide many change rooms for visitor’s privacy and security. In these rides safety is maintained from every aspect.

There are many food stalls for having some snacks. Restaurants and international cuisine are also available.


The Aquatica Resort has all kind of benefits availed by visitors to make their day a memorable one. The resort can also be availed for birthdays, wedding ceremony & engagement parties.

The faculty staff and amenities makes a very beautiful ambience and luxurious rooms for the travelers and family with 24×7 room service and parking services and free Wi-Fi facility. Distance from the City Center is about 10 Km.

Aquatica Timings

Opening Time- 10:00 am
Closing Time- 6:00 pm
Entry Fees – Rs. 600 (Monday to Friday)

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