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Meetee Episode 10 Oct New Show

In the Hello Friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen, Ki Arjun has gone to jail because Preeta and Baar have succeeded in their plan. Coming back you will not leave but your friend Preeta Hai Bar Prithvi is saying that I will save Luthra Parivar from both of you.

And Dostun Preeta is saying to Bar Rishabh that now I promise you that nothing bad will come to us today because Arjun had told Bar Preet that if you leave Rishabh and go to me, nothing will happen to Luthra Parivar. Bhi Nahi Kahunga Jaski Se Vaja Se Rishabh Hai Bar Hi Jayada Was Sad Because He Didn’t Want To Lose Preeta And The Twist Mode Within Dostoon Drama Serial Ek Chaka Hai Bari Bari Barouki Hai. to do

And friends Prithvi is threatening Preeta this time, if you try to come to us, we will not even leave your family. Se Preeta has told Bar Prithvi that leave my sister and we will do whatever you say and drama serial you can also watch on zee tv for such information visit our website

And besides that, you guys also have to see if Arjun is doing a big planning because he wants to change from Rita, but she will not be successful at all in her planning. Jayada will be seen getting worried from Wajah, and Lakshmi will not support him, why is it that Baru has found out that he is cheating on Arjun with this star? will become special.


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