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Kolkata Book Fair Map Ticket Price Opening Timing Closing Timing

International Book Fair Kolkata

international Kolkata Book Fair Map Ticket Price Opening Timing Closing Timing In Kolkata the International book fair has become a heritage for all aged people from kids to elderly people. After the Covid 19 when the world came out in the doomed darkness. Only a flickering light of hope has gave us the chance of survival. But with e-books and audio stories no doubt they are interesting but it makes the listener invisible and just listen to the plot of context going on.

Whereas going through the novel or the story book handed out to enrich your travelling or erasing up your loneliness the readers indulge them in the character as if they are interacting in the story. Thus Book fair play the vital role to attract all the book fascinating people. In Kolkata one of the important and the best book fair is the International Kolkata Book Fair  This festival of books happens every after one year.

In the past it used to occur in Maidan and in the backside of Birla Planetarium. It usually does not change the location previously it used to happen in ‘Milan Mela’. But now in recent time the book fair is going on in Karunamoyee or Central Park Mela ground, Bidhannagar (Salt Lake).The book fair is beautifully decorated with all kinds of books with all kinds of language .

There are even food stalls to make replenish with more energy and excitement. Even there are many cultural activities where the tribal people can bring up their skill and abilities over their art. The musician and the dancers excel with their performance makes us feel the tribal beauty.


This book fair is the world’s largest non-commercial book fair. It is also renowned for being the Asia’s largest and the mostly attended book fair. It comes under the third position for the largest cluster of books after the ‘Frankfurt Book Fair’ which occurs in Germany and ‘London Book Fair’ occurs in England. The International Book fair was first inaugurated in 1976.

In the book fair there are various publisher and booksellers present. 99% of the people attended the book fair before the pandemic. But after the 2 year of miserable Covid-19 Virus the Book Fair faced a huge loss. In this year 28th February 2022(Monday) to 13th March 2022(Sunday) there was return of craze in people. Due to Covid protocols and precautions the number of stalls was decreased to some extent. But still people enjoy the most.

In this year 2022 this was the 45th International Book Fair. The visitors were 200000; exhibitors were 600 over people with magazines over 200 above and 300 above live sessions. The fair was under the surveillance of KPC (Kolkata Police Corporation).

International Book Fair Kolkata Timing and Date

Date -28th February 2022(Monday) to 13th March 2022(Sunday)

Theme- Bangladesh; Devoted – Banghabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Opening-12:00 Hrs; Closing-20:00 Hrs


National Library Kolkata

Library is the River of knowledge and discipline. It trains our brain and opens up our brain in a vast way. In Kolkata we get the most wonderful and place of knowledge which has seen the past of Hindustan.

National Library is the substantial library which popular all over India. It was the first in the modern city under the British Empire in those days over the Eastern range of India. In terms of culture and prosperity gives the pride heritage. It covers up the area of 30 acres. The maintenance and combined efforts of the department of Culture Ministry of Tourism and the Government of India.

It provides all kinds of conglomeration of books, periodicals, document or manuscript and famous old magazine and Indian and foreign news daily. The very first landowner of the Culcutta Public Library was the prince Dwarkanath Tagore who was the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore.


As a public library it was opened to all for lower caste society the books were given for free. The donation for the first time came from a few great charitable people of Eastern India Company. Lord Metcalfe, Governor General British India had also provided a lot of books from Culcutta Public Library to the library of Fort William.

Library is located near the Alipore Zoo, Kolkata. The library access books above the 2.5 to 3 million of books. It was established in between 1836 and 1837 as Culcutta Public Library over 186 years and was then from 1903 as Imperial Palace over 120 years. It was from 1st February 1953 as National Library of India over 69 years ago.

The manuscript was covered over consisting of 3200 and then over 86000 map survey. The library is closed in three days which are 26thJanuary, 15th August and 2nd October.

National Library Kolkata Timing and Date

Opening-9:00 Hrs; Closing-20:00 Hrs (Monday to Friday)

Opening-9:30 Hrs; Closing-18:00 Hrs (Saturday and Sunday)


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