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Kharagpur Durga Puja – Kharagpur Durga Puja Pandal

Kharagpur Durga Puja

The greatest and the most legendary festival in India where celebrated in West Bengal, Kharagpur . It is also called Durgoutsav or Sharadautsav. This Puja make us to relate remind each and everyone that Evil is destroyed by the Good and the Purity of positive. It also reminds us the nature and the whole universe is under that Feminine power that is the most powerful.

She knows each and everything she is the mother if loved and if angered she becomes the massive destroyer. The story of this puja comes out through the mythological background when Mahisasur, the Demon was in great penance and praying to one of the Trinity Gods, Lord Brahma who gave him the power who cannot been destroyed by any Masculine Creature nor by masculine God nor by masculine Devil.


So Mahisasur did not pay any respect to women. For him the women were a mere form of level of satisfaction and a pleasure. The demon was in such pride and ego which made his power exceeded to such ferocious activities that the world went to the doom. Neither god could defeat him out. It was then goddess appeared with the divine power with all abilities and power. She was embrace with all jewelry and beauty.

The mother of the whole universe went enriched and the evil at the 10th day of the festival. It was the most ferocious battle held out.Before the Durga puja Mahalaya is celebrated it was the day when the goddess was invoked out from her peaceful form to protect the world. Great saints did the Maha yagya. She is the destroyer of Danavas and nourishes the three worlds.

Stotram Of Mahalaya

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu Vishnu mayeti sabdita,

Namas thassyai namas thassyai namo namaha

Ye devi sarva bhuteshu chetaneya abhidhiyathe,

Namas thassyai namas thassyai namo namaha

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu buddhi rupena samasthita

Namas thassyai namas thassyai namo namaha

Ya devi sarva bhuteshu nidra rupena samasthita

Namas thassyai namas thassyai namo namaha


Durga Puja Saree

First day – Maa Shailputri (Yellow Saree)

Second day – Maa Brahmacharini (Green Saree)

Third day – Maa Chandraghantra (Brown Saree)

Fourth day – Maa Kushmanda (Orange Saree)

Fifth day – Maa Skandmata (White Saree)

Sixth day – Maa Katyayani (Red Saree)

Seventh day –Maa Kalratri (Blue Saree)

Eighth day – Maa Mahagauri (Pink Saree)

Ninth day – Maa Siddhidatri (Purple Saree)

Tenth day – Maa Shakti (Red and White Saree)


Gouri Bari Pujo With Rituals
In Mahalaya The ritual is followed out that Maa or Maa Durga is been given the Chokkhu Daan which is related with the mythological past of Ramayana where Lord Ram had donated his eyes to please the Supreme Goddess.


The Goddess is honored with the memory of glorious fight with Mahisasur rituals such as Kumari Puja (where a young girl needs to offer all offerings with fasting). It is the puja for the Kumari, Goddess of fertility then puja for Lakshmi and Saraswati, Goddess of wealth and knowledge then puja of Mai (Mother) and Ajima (Grandmother) puja are held


The goddess is been dressed and decorated ornaments and provides with the weapon to defeat the demon. She is given with

  • Conch
  • Chakra
  • Spear
  • Trident
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Sword
  • Snake
  • Thunderbolt
  • Flame
  • Lotus


The ritual of Pran Pratitstha to invoke the Goddess and Ganesha’s wife is been brought that day which is Kola Bou who wrap in a red and white saree.


This day the goddess is been adorned with 108 lotus, 108 earthen oil lamps, flowers, saris, jewelries, sweets and uncooked rice and fruits for winning the battle.


In this day the married women play with Red Abrih to say goodbye to the goddess who is going back to her husband, Shiva with her family.

Durga Puja Drawing



Kharagpur Durga Puja Pandal

Rambabu Chowk Nimpura Durga Puja

Avijatri Club

Talbagicha Durga Puja

Sanghashree Club

Sabuj Sangha Club

Babu Line Durga Puja

Bnr Ground Subhaspally Durga Puja

Bandari Chowk Durga Puja

Jholi Durga Puja

Prem Bazaar Durga Puja

Progressive Social Club Durga Puja

Yung Corner Mathurakati

Sanghashree South Side Durga Puja

Tarun Sangha Arambati

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