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Bhagya Lakshmi 24 Oct New Today Episode

Hello friend is going to see you Logan in the drama serial Bhagyalakshmi, why is Laxmi very angry, why has said that the sage has a mind, has told Laxmi that she is with Mili, because of which the bar Rishi will also be seen doubting Lakshmi and is a friend, Lakshmi is telling the sage this time that I have misunderstood with you, now I cannot live with you at all and I do not even know.

And the friend will hear this and tell Rishi Lakshmi that forgive me, I misunderstood you, but what I used to do was such a palace at the time and friends, the drama serial’s twist mode is over, now the sage’s man Lakshmi will tell you that this house Will leave and leave, ok now Rishi will get married to Ahana very soon and FIR will end your existence from home and friend Laxmi is also repeatedly telling Rishi that now we are away from Doon.


And friend Lakshmi is telling Shalu this time that you have instigated the sage against me, if your truth goes in front of the sage, then he will continue to hate you forever, then it is good that we will go away. Hearing Shalu will tell Lakshmi that I want to ruin you no matter what happens to me and friends, you can also watch drama serials on Zee TV, keep visiting our website for such information, we will keep getting you the latest updates.


And friends, the sage bar is telling Lakshmi that I will not say anything to anyone because if Lakshmi goes away from me, then I will also go away with her because I cannot live in the house and will not leave the main use of which Because of this, Bar Shalu is telling Rishi, are you now married to each other and now you cannot leave Aana like this. we couldn’t live with each other




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