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Best Ancient Places In Kolkata West Bengal

Victoria Memorial

The resemblance of British Raj located in the midst of West Bengal, Kolkata. The white marble antique design built up in the memorial of Queen Victoria to celebrate her 25th year of her rule in India. It is the iconic place for the City of Joy. Surrounded by the nature and well maintained garden. It occupies around 64 acres of land and has numerous statues and sculptures.

The marvelous bronze statue with a height of 16 ft mounted on the ball bearing at the top of the Victoria Memorial. The Sound and Light shows are the most marvelous and breathtaking moments.


Best place for visitor to come with their family and friends to relax and enjoy in the midst of nature. It is good place for picnic. The place reviles out the mysteries and essence of Victorian era in the modern day world.

Victoria Memorial Opening Time And Closing Timings And Entry Fees

  • Opening Time- 6:00 am Closing Time – 6:15 pm
  • Entry Fees Of Garden – Rs 10
  • Entry fees Of Indians Museum – Rs.20


 Fort Williams

The elegant of the Fort William is situated in the city of Kolkata on the Eastern Bank of Hooghly River. Built in the year 1696, the fort is named after King William III, which was the first stronghold of the British in the country.

The majestic framework is covered about 70.9 acres and is adorned with hundreds’ of arched window and with an admirable garden. With the most delicate and tender design of the stonework embellishes the surface of the building. The octagon building was constructed whose foundation was laid by Sir Robert Clive.


Initially, it comprised of wings and an inner bastion where prisoner were hauled which is why it was known as ‘The black hole of Calcutta’. Today, this fort is the property of Indian Army & has a capacity of accommodation up to 10,000 army personnel. Due to its importance with respect to Indian intelligence, access to the interior of the fort is limited to army personnel and their relatives.

Fort Williams Opening Time And Closing Timings And Entry Fees
  • Opening Time- 10:00 am , Closing Time- 5:30 pm
  • Entry Fees- Free


Indian Museum

One of the ancient museum of the world showing up its’ pride over the most precious crafts and artifacts. The foundation of this great building was laid down in 1814. The collection of interdisciplinary activities occurs in this museum. It is also called as ‘Jadughar’. The place is full of mystery of untold secret of the past world.

It has the finest arts of contemporary painting, sacred relics of Buddha, spooky Egyptian mummies and ancient sculptures and writings. The museum boasts out itself with the most magnificent collection of ornaments, fossils, armors and stunning Mughal paintings.


At the present situation 35 galleries which are divided into 6 categories: Art, Archeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, and Economic Botany. We can witness the wonderful and majestic collection which had got imprisoned in the mesmerizing facts of the past world.

Indian Museum Opening Time And Closing Timings And Entry Fees
  • Opening Time- 10:00 am , Closing Time- 4:30 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Entry Fees- Rs.10


 Science City

The science city was inaugurated in 1st July, 1997. It is the most eye catching place for the residents of Kolkata. It is one of the finest and largest science museums in the world. It provides a fun way of learning sciences.

It is located at the crossing of the EM Bypass and the JBS Haider Avenue in Kolkata. The science museum is a perfect way of education and fun. There are special section dedication to the aquatic world wherein you can learn every minute detail about the various fishes and insects in the aquatic world. It is offer you with phenomenal experience with friend and family to enjoy your holiday worth it.

The ground floor of the science city comprises of some optical illusion which is very interesting to look at. It is always so much fun to watch yourself taking a variety of shapes in front of optical mirrors.


This city is on located on the crossing of Eastern Bypass and Park Circus at Kolkata and should be a sure shot stop on the trip. It is a favorite amongst the kid and adults.

Tornado, the energy ball, ocean waves, time machine is common favorite amongst the entire visitor. It travel back in time and enter the age of dinosaurs by being a part of the artificial Jurassic Park.

 Science City Opening Time And Closing Timings And Entry Fees
  • Opening Time 09 : 00 Am
  • Closing Time 8 : 30 Pm (monday to Saturday)
  • Entry Fees – Rs 50


Paul’s Cathedral

It is located near the Heart of the Kolkata near Birla Planetarium. An Anglican church which is surveyed under CNI(Church of North India. Famous for its mesmerizing Gothic architecture and dedicated in the Honor of the Saint Paul the Apostle. It is the blessed form of historical as well as architectural specimen. The enormous form or structure reminds us of the colonial period which take our mind back to those memory lanes.


It looks gorgeous when the Christian Festivals comes up. The lightings and the glamour makes the church a wonderful place. The church is designed with Indo-Gothic style with descended white edifice with the towering spire and beautifully crafted tinted windows. The church contains chapel area and the splendid garden area with field.

Paul’s Cathedral Opening Time And Closing Timings And Entry Fees

  • Opening Time- 09:00 am , Closing Time- 6:30 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Entry Fees- Rs.10


Shobhajar Rajbari

It is located in the midst of nature and history of Rajbari where the legendary and enormous empire built up by Maharaja Nabakrishnan Deb. The accurate location of this gigantic place is in 35 No. Palli Raja Nabakrishnan Street.

This beautiful place is also renowned to be known as The House of Lions. Inheritance passed on but the maintenance of this astonishing place was carved up by the Rajbari Shodoshos.


It is reflection which showcases how the prideful tigers of Bengal lived. As if the Rajbari members still live there such maintained delicacy has been taken up. We can go back to time to see the marvelous aristocrats vision.

Shobhajar Rajbari Opening Time And Closing Timings And Entry Fees
  • Opening Time- 09:00 am , Closing Time- 8:30 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Entry Fees- No


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